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We specialize in offering insurance solutions for small & mid-size businesses

taverns, restaurants, diners, sports bars & nightclubs venues


Cut Cost, Not Coverage

Offering coverage at competitive rates for small & mid-size businesses including:

liability, full assault & battery, employment practices liability, workers comp

Cut Cost, Not Coverage

Writers of taverns, restaurants, and sports bars in California, Nevada and Arizona

AVI is an insurance brokerage, which only focuses on the needs of California’s, Nevada’s, and Arizona’s hospitality industry.  Over the years, AVI has become one of the largest writers of taverns, restaurants, and sports bars in the state of California, because we always strive to obtain our clients the most competitive rates and offer very comprehensive policies.

We understand the unique needs of the small to mid-sized entertainment industry entrepreneur and Investing in comprehensive insurance should always be an important part of your business plan, but at the same time not dipping too far into your profit margin. Contact AVI today and see just how much you’ll save.



Current AVI Customers – Take advantage of a multi-policy discount through Progressive Insurance!

Commercial auto and / or personal auto, motorcycle, and boat insurance at a discount rate for any bar, tavern, restaurant or nightclub owners. In addition, you will also qualify for a multi policy discount!

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